Due to some unfortunate developments, I am no longer able to keep the Ultimate IRC Archive available to you. I can, at this time, not afford the cost of an extra phone line, or the cost of an extravagant luxury of WebTV. I have shut down my WebTV account and also this page, as I am not able to edit it weekly as I needed to. I do thank you for your support in making this one of the most successful pages on WebTV. In the five months this page was around, I had 120,000 visits to my page. I truly thank you for your unending loyalty and support. Please be sure to visit other great pages, such as The Chat Cafe, or Mimer's IRC Links. Please help these guys continue in the tradition that they outlined. Please help contribute to the downfall of Bob's Chat Links, as there was never a more selfish, inconsiderate idiot on all of WebTV.

I again thank you and maybe will see you in the future on a computer.

Michael Cook a.k.a. MrNutt